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Why our Coffee Tastes so Good

Why all the hubbub? Coffee tastes like coffee, right? Well, back in the day that was true: coffee was merely a caffeine-delivery vehicle and people were stoic about the flavor. Even today, drink a cup of instant brew and you've tasted the watery lot. But we're convinced that coffee - just pure, brilliant coffee - can bring sensory pleasure on a par with fine wine or artisan chocolate. Not everybody wants a full-blown culinary experience first thing in the morning. That doesn't mean you have to settle for manufactured coffee product of unknown origins. Here's how we're turning out brew that turns people on.

Focus on Coffee

It's all we do and we obsess about it. That's right, we get inspiration and professional satisfaction by working with beans. Baristas, roasters, trainers, managers - we're chock full of coffee nuts. And our customers are fanatics. If we burn a roast or botch a drink we hear about it. It's a team effort and the goal is clear: get the coffee right. We're not developing a line of canned latte sodas or espresso bubble gum to hawk on convenience store shelves. We just do coffee, farm to cup.

Begin with Beans

Our coffee list is shaped in the quiet of the cupping room, where we try to achieve oneness with our senses by tasting samples from around the world. You can't really disguise inferior beans with a roasting trick or slick advertising. Quality coffee (the beverage) starts with quality coffee (the beans). Since all beans are not created equal, we're constantly tasting what we serve and sampling new harvests. We get enthused about sustainable, fairly traded, and organic brews; small lots from family farms; relationship coffee; and award-winners like Cup of Excellence that pay premium rates to farmers.

Roast in Small Batches

Artisan Roasting is gourmet cooking. A human, not a machine, runs the roast and treats one small portion at a time, standing by the roaster and making small adjustments as the beans roast. Working in small batches is key to teasing out coffee's delicate aromatic compounds, because you can time the roast perfectly and heat the beans evenly. We've customized our roasters to deliver an even roast and exceptional flavor.

Practice Barista Craft

Baristas matter. It's a fundamental fact of coffee, yet so often overlooked: premium beans become a world-class drink in the hands of a skilled barista. In the chain from farmer to consumer, baristas make the final connection. Every barista goes through intensive training before serving a single drink. Some develop a passion for the craft through self-study competitions, and traveling to origin.

Why our Chai Teas?

It's All in Our Ingredients!

That's right. We take special pride in choosing high quality ingredients from around the world to blend into our award-winning chai. We make our chai with freshly ground spices. Real spices, like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger are just a few we use to commemorate chai's traditional but dynamic flavors. We wait until just before the canisters are sealed to mix these spices into every batch of chai. So just as you pour the hot water or milk over any chai mix, the distinctive chai fragrance and flavors begin to fully bloom into a well-balanced chai right in your cup.

Another ingredient we use that sets us apart from other chai mixes is our GMO-free, non-dairy creamer, which offers a wonderfully creamy texture without the heaviness of chemicals and fillers. Every chai product is certified CRC Kosher, is free from hydrogenated oils, trans fats and gluten. The quality and mixture of spices and ingredients assure the crisp, clean flavor of our chai, boasting its depth in every sip. Our chai's are delicately blended into a convenient mix that make a perfect daily cup - at home or on the go. Simply mix with hot water or milk and enjoy.

Why our Premium Smoothies?

Our premium smoothie purees are made of only the highest quality fruit and antioxidant-rich Rooibos (red) tea to make a delicious and refreshing fruit smoothie. All-natural, fat, and caffeine-free! Our fruit smoothies contain only pure sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and no preservatives. Simple to make - just add ice, blend, and enjoy!

Flavors include:

Mango Fusion
Peachy Keen
Banana Bliss
Ice Cream